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Re: Somebody must package djvulibre

le mer 23-01-2002 à 07:06, Wichert Akkerman a écrit :
> Previously Juhapekka Tolvanen wrote:
> > It is free implementation of lossy image format called DjVu. That format
> > is especially good for scanned documents. It was originally developed at
> > AT&T Labs-Research.
> Isn't djvu patented?

Good question. A quick search on "djvu" in the US patent database turned
up patent 6,058,214, but on the other hand djvulibre doesn't include all
the compression features of the full dvju, so maybe this patent doesn't
apply to it. I'll ask. IMNSHO it'd be rather pointless to release the
code of the reference implementation under the GPL but have it unusable
because it's encumbered by patents, so hopefully they thought of that

And if the patent does apply, it might still go into non-us...


PS Here's the (rather long) URL for the patent:


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