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Re: Somebody must package djvulibre

le mar 22-01-2002 à 23:55, Juhapekka Tolvanen a écrit :
> IMNSHO somebody must package djvulibre:
> http://djvu.sourceforge.net/
> It is free implementation of lossy image format called DjVu. That format
> is especially good for scanned documents. It was originally developed at
> AT&T Labs-Research.
> Recent versions compile and work really well at least in my computer.
> It is evident, that it is mature software already.

This does look very neat, actually. I'd be willing to package it, and I
was going to file an ITP but it seems there's already one, although it's
quite old (279 days!). Barak, are you still interested in packaging
djvu? If not, I'd be willing to do it.


PS What's the consensus on old ITPs... like how long should I wait for
an answer from Barak before taking over the ITP?

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