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Re: Bug#129848: www.debian.org: "more info" URL in package descriptions

>>"Antti-Juhani" == Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <gaia@iki.fi> writes:

 Antti-Juhani> On 20020121T195719-0600, Adam Heath wrote:
 >> No, policy is never done first.  Ever.  No way.

 Antti-Juhani> This is not true.  Policy has been done first many
 Antti-Juhani> times.  This wish for documenting only implemented and
 Antti-Juhani> used things is quite new, as far as I can tell.

	Quite so.  It shows we can actually learn from past mistakes.
 After the /usr/doc /usr/share/doc transition fiasco, several changes
 were made to how policy is handled. 

	At that time, the constitutionality of the policy group was
 questioned, and the issue raised whether making a large number of
 packages suddenly buggy with the upload of policy is conducive to
 anything but frayed tempers.

	The policy group reached a consensus on several things
  a) Policy is not a stick to beat developers on the head with (I
     think Ian Jackson deserves credit for this phrase, as I can
     recall him saying that far before the current policy process came
     into being)
  b) Policy is not dpkg/apt documentation
  c) Policy should be minimalist; it should only dictate a course if
     there are several feasible solutions, and one needs to be
     selected, or to establish interfaces to allow for cooperation
     between packages. In these cases, it is preferred that the
     mechanisms be worked out between cooperating packages to start
     with, and when the kinks have been worked out, the accepted
     practice be documented (being as _minimal_ as possible) in

	This makes for a stabler policy, and, I think, for a policy
 that is saner, and wiser, it promotes co-operation between
 developers, and does not require a whip cracking bureaucracy to
 implement the diktats of the elite few.

 Perl is designed to give you several ways to do anything, so consider
 picking the most readable one. --Larry Wall in the perl man page
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