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Help with xxgdb and XtOverrideTranslations()

I'm working on bug #130199. I recently adopted xxgdb which was 
rebuilt some time ago against new libxaw7 and xlibs by QA group.

Potato (same orig sources) was good with old libs. 
Current testing/unstable has this weird problem with backspace. 
So my suspect is that some defaults are changed 
or additional checks are now done.

I see the problem is dialog.c file where XtOverrideTranslations()
is used to load some resources.

I see

Ctrl<Key>H:     InsertSpace()delete-previous-character()\n\
<Key>Delete:    InsertSpace()delete-previous-character()\n\
<Key>BackSpace:    InsertSpace()delete-previous-character()\n\

I cannot find any reference about Xt standard action
delete-previous-character(), which seems definitively not working now.
I also skipped those InsertSpace(), without results.

If I found a description of that function, I could emulate or substitute
it... Hints? Pointers?

PS: There is no more an upstream. xxgdb is frozen since 1995.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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