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Bug#130348: debconf-doc: does the "noninteractive" frontend break the system?

Package: debconf-doc
Version: 1.0.25
Severity: wishlist

[for debian-devel people: sorry for crossposting, I think debconf deserves
a discussion because many packages use it]
[thanks to Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@debian.org> for alerting me
to this problem]

debconf(8) says:
> Priorities
>        high   Questions that don't have a reasonable default.
>        critical
>               For things that  will  probably  break  the  system
>               without user intervention.
Does this mean that debconf may break the system if I use the
"noninteractive" frontend?  (Note that the "noninteractive" frontend
should never ask any question.)

If so, please add a warning like this:
  WARNING: If you use the "noninteractive" frontend or if you set the
  debconf priority value to "critical", you may get an unreasonable or
  even dangerous configuration.  It is NOT a bug of any package.  It is
  YOUR fault.

If not, please rewrite the description of the priority "high" and
"critical", because every debconf question should have a reasonable
(or, at least safe but unusable) default to support the "noninteractive"

-- System Information
Debian Release: 2.2
Kernel Version: Linux grain 2.4.16 #1 Thu Jan 10 00:18:21 JST 2002 i686 unknown

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