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Re: Potato to Woody dist-upgrade problems

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> Well, I completely understand Branden's position on the dependency, and it
> isn't his fault that our dependencies don't cover all the bases, but you
> have all ignored the situation that actually exists on my laptop. It has
> NO permanent connection to the net. It is, for most of its useful life, a
> stand alone workstation without any outside server connections. Please
> explain to me how this machine can run an X server without locally
> provided fixed fonts! More to the point, I had the required fixed fonts
> installed on the Potato system, why did they go away on an upgrade?

This is a bug, plain and simple, with the x dependencies.  I do not care
if Branden says otherwise.  An upgrade should not remove functionality.  End
of story.

> Having said all that, it appears (and I haven't tested this yet) that
> installing the latest/greatest version of apt/dpkg will provide the
> installation tools to make the correct decissions on an upgrade. That is,
> none of these problems appear when apt and dpkg are upgraded before a
> dist-upgrade. In past releases, the need to upgrade the installation tools
> before the install have been heavily advertised. If that is the case here,
> then it definitely needs to be made known at release time.

Woody is not released yet, so, ...

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