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calling all ports: what is your endianness?


I just uploaded new Boost (www.boost.org) C++ libraries to sid, and
discovered that they have this buried inside the headers:

#if defined(__sparc) || defined(__sparc__) || defined(__powerpc__) || defined(__ppc__) || defined(__hppa) || defined(_MIPSEB)
#elif defined(__i386__)
#error The file boost/detail/limits.hpp needs to be set up for your CPU type.

This has already tripped up the alpha autobuilder.  

If your favourite architecture is NOT listed in the above, could you
please send me:

  1. a preprocessor symbol to test for, and
  2. the correct endianness.

Thanks a bunch,

by Rocket to the Moon,
by Airplane to the Rocket,
by Taxi to the Airport,
by Frontdoor to the Taxi,
by throwing back the blanket and laying down the legs ...
- They Might Be Giants

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