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Re: myspell format...

"Pásztor György" wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an ITP to ihungarian. I made the package (halfly).
> The original upstream source can create "myspell" files, which is used by
> OpenOffice. But I haven't idea, what can/should I do with that myspell
> (.aff|.dict) files. I temporarily put these hu_HU.aff and hu_HU.dict files
> into a separate package, named myhungarian.
> Should I provide sg. in the control record?
> (I think the same as ihungarian provides ispell-dictionary.)
I think there is only an ITP on OpenOffice (74715), and there are some
problems to package it. So, I would say you not to prepare packages to
be used by Openoffice until having clear which are the policy
requirements for that package, and of course not send it to debian until
the package that will make use of it is ready.

Best wishes

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