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Re: Potato to Woody dist-upgrade problems

On Sun, 20 Jan 2002, Branden Robinson wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 20, 2002 at 07:11:09PM -0500, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > xserver-svga: Doesn't configure properly on upgrade,
> This statement is hopelessly vague.  If xserver-svga worked in potato,
> it should continue to work in woody.  You can, of course, refuse to
> permit debconf to manage your server config file and there really will
> be no difference.

The configuration error is the same debconf missing ']' error that has
been connected with xserver-svga for as long as I can remember. The fixed
version of the svga server is not yet available in Woody.

> Keep in mind that the latest version of xserver-svga is not yet in
> testing.  Try -44 to see what I'm talking about.

Exactly. None of which helps a Woody upgrade. 

> > and should be replaced by xserver-xfree86.
> Not necessarily.  Read:
> http://www.xfree86.org/4.1.0/Status.html
> for the beginnings of an understanding why.

If you are installing from Woody, you can't get to the fixed server.

> > When you install xserver-sfree86, the debconf scripts are able to
> > create a XF86Configure file that works.
> Glad to hear it.  This should work for the version 3 X server packages
> as well.  Remember, use -44.

Yes, if they were available in Woody. What needs to happen for that to
occur? I realize this was fixed ages ago, but that doesn't help if it
never propogates into Woody.

> > xfonts-100dpi and xfonts-75dpi: are removed, but their replacement
> > package, xfonts-base,
> xfonts-base is in NO way a replacement for -100dpi and -75dpi.  All
> three packages continue to exist in woody.

Which one is responsible for providing "fixed" fonts? Why does the FAQ
only mention xfonts-base?

> > is not installed. This causes the "fixed" fonts to not be found. Some
> > form of server dependency would fix this one.
> Wrong.  The X server does not depend on locally installed fonts.  Read

It refused to run locally without them. That sounds like a dependency to

> the package description, read the Debian X FAQ, read 1000 mails I've
> sent on this issue over the years.  Your ignorance of TCP font service
> does not render the facility non-existent.

I DID read the Debian X FAQ. It says quite clearly that if you get the
"fixed" font error install xbase-fonts. Dist-upgrade failed to do this,
and I had to do it by hand. My ignorance of TCP font services should be
covered by the installation process, specially on an upgrade.

> In any event, people who don't want to trouble themselves with
> understanding things like font service can install one or both of a pair
> of meta-packages to make things Just Work(tm):
> x-window-system-core
> x-window-system

Both of these task packages were instlled on the original Potato install.

> Looking up the package descriptions for these meta-packages is left as
> an exercise for the reader.  (Hint: it involves "apt-cache show".)

Thanks for the extra, useless homework. You are such a pip.

> > Principle tools needed by either wdm, or wmaker, (I haven't figured out
> > which) are provided by xbase-clients, which is not installed during the
> > dist-upgrade...
> FYI, I upgraded a stock potato box (2.2r5) to woody just last week using
> dist-upgrade and managed to not lose xbase-clients.

Well, bully for you. The dist-upgrade I did had the opposite effect. I
guess this is because apt-get only works for the clued people, huh?

I suspect that you have other install targets than woody in you apt-get
sources.list file. That's only a guess. As our experiences are a couple of
weeks appart, I guess it is also possible that the archives are different
now than they were.

Given that there are no real choices for the user to make once 'apt-get
dist-upgrade' is executed, your insistance that I am mistaken is of little

> > At least one of these problems (xfonts-base) can be fixed with a depends
> > in the right place.
> Hammurabi, think again!

Sorry, I should have said: This feature will work fine for those who are
not as ignorant as myself. Faahh!

> > My current question is: How much of this is going to be fixed in the final
> > release, and how much should I discuss in my book?
> You should probably develop a greater command of the facts before
> dispensing bad advice in your book.

A. That was the reason for my posting. You have done nothing to improve my
grasp of the facts.

B. That would be a lot easier if you were actually dispensing facts
instead of put-downs.

Branden, just as you have no interest in hearing from me about my problems
using X, I currently have no interest in hearing what you have to say on
any subject. You have no concept of what "mind share" means. Your postings
to this list are, for the most part, cute, but with little useful content.

I am fully aware of my ignorance, and don't mind having it pointed out,
but if you think that calling me a liar will make the problems I see go
away, then think again.


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