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Re: Bug#129848: www.debian.org: "more info" URL in package descriptions

On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 01:47:16PM -0600, Steve Greenland wrote:
> > Smartass, the code is written. Put a URL in the Description: field and
> > it'll be changed into an anchor. Several package use this already.
> Smartass, where is this documented? Not in debian-policy. Not in
> dpkg-doc. Not, as far as I can tell, in the developer's guide.
> Implementing something and not telling about it doesn't do anybody any
> good.
> Note that mentioning it on a mailling list and/or IRC channel doesn't
> count as documentation. It needs to be in one of the permanent, commonly
> read guides.

Hey, don't read into my words. He was being a smartass because he wanted to
bounce the bug back to the web team with the good old "res non verba"
excuse. I'm not saying the problem is fixed. I'm saying that we have done
our part and that the maintainers of packages (which includes documentation)
need to do the rest.

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