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Re: koffice and woody

> Is there a reason why koffice does not have a new version? The libpng stuff
> is annoying and a simple recompile should fix it. Besides it would close a
> grave bug.

The maintainer has patiently explained to person after person after person
that his net access for the last two weeks has been via floppy
disk.  He has also explained he was happy for someone to NMU during this 
time (which nobody has taken him up on).

I'm now back in Melbourne doing a full upgrade and a new koffice will be
uploaded tomorrow.

Patience please, children.  In the grand scheme of things, two weeks is
not really *that* long.

As for the fact that the version in woody dates back to June/July, that's
been due to a variety of porting issues getting KDE stuff into woody plus
the fact that koffice is quite a large package and it often takes a long
time to be built on all architectures, by which time some other change has
taken place in kdelibs that requires a new upload or a new version is
released upstream or etc etc.


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