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I have finally received all the hardware and ftp.egr.msu.edu is back
online.  It should be healthy and reliable now for sometime:

1. The boot disk was replaced.
2. The network card was replaced.
3. A 105 GB SCSI Raid was added for Debian specifically.

It is still connected at 100 Mbps full-duplex directly to our Gigabit
backbone.  Paths to the Debian archive:

ftp        /debian
http       /debian
rsync      debian           

Likewise, the GNU and EnCore archives are available in /pub via ftp
and http.  Thanks for your patience.

p.s. I won't be crushed if I make it back into the http.us.d.o
rotation and push mirror setup. :)

Dennis Kelly
Network Administrator
College of Engineering
Michigan State University

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