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Re: Vanishing /usr/doc symlink

Santiago Vila wrote:
> But there is a point of possible failure: If /usr/doc is a "legitimate"
> symlink (something like /.1/newdisk/doc as in Manoj's example) then it
> would be removed when upgrading to woody (exactly as it happened to
> Julian in the message that started this thread).
> So it's better that base-files restores /usr/doc in woody ASAP, if
> it's still possible to do so.

Ah. Thanks.

> Question for AJ: Would a new upload of base-files for unstable and
> woody-proposed-updates would reach testing in a reasonable amount of
> time or should we look for other alternatives?

I can sorta answer this. A low urgency upload would get into testing in
20 days. Just double the normal delays. You might want to use a higher
urgency, dunno. I wouldn't mind hearing a confirmation from aj of this,

see shy jo

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