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Re: VAX port?

On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 08:34:25AM -0600, Greg Ingram wrote:
> Are there documents about how one would start building Debian for a new
> architecture?  I've got Linux running a VAX and would like to see about
> building Debian packages.

1. Get rid off your job, your hobbies and all your friends.
2. Start to port dpkg to the VAX.  Don't upload.
3. Test it by porting small packages.  Don't upload.
4. Bootstrap the complete build-essential system.  Don't upload.
   (Considerably easier for you than it was for me as you have a running
5. Run all checks in the build chain (gcc, glibc).  Fix the big bugs.
   You have not yet uploaded anything.
6. Make a fresh partition with just your Debian packages installed.
7. Go back to 2, and recompile everything using just the standard Debian
   packages of all tools (except a few which you are going to ignore for
   now, because they don't affect the result too much.  You may take them
   from the native system if available).  Don't upload.
8. Still here?  You should now have a couple of dozen packages or so.
   Announce your progress, file a bug report against ftp.debian.org to make
   a directory in the archive.
9. Wait.
10. Discuss the usefulness of this project on debian-devel.  A common
    mistake is to do this too early, eg before step 3 has been completed.
    Don't fall into this trap.
11. Wait some more.  Don't upload.
12. Still here?  Check if the directory has been created.  Maybe you get an
    acknowledgement, so check your mail frequently.  Now, upload!
13. From now on, you might consider running a build daemon.  But you can
    also do it manually until you are fed up with it.
    Compile whatever can be compiled.  Don't upload yet.
14. Install, test.
15. Fix the bugs.
16. Upload.
17. Go back to 13.
18. There is no 18.  If you did everything correct, you loop over 13-17
    until you leave Debian.

But there are some options:
12a. Rally support for your activities.
12b. Get a mailing list created.
12c. Make a web page.

13a. Write articles about your experience.
13b. Visit conferences, talk about your experiences.
13c. Delegate work.
13d. Pick up delegated work that was not completed.


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