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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

> The common view, all apps use, users and admins see,
> is the filesystem.  That's why the 'subtree' approach sucks.
> Everyone sees this loosely coupled stuff lying around
> but what he/she really wants is a tidy and well organized
> subtree '/'.

Yes it sucks.  But until and unless we have the kinds of name space
management pioneered by Plan 9 (where you can explictly compose your
name space out of subtrees on a per process basis), we're stuck.

This may appear in Linux 2.5: patches do exist to support it, that were 
developed in 2.3 by Al Viro.  (look at the Union Mount stuff, for more 
information on part of it).  If I'm not mistaken, he's getting the 
preparatory work into 2.5 now (the 2.3 implementation could not work
on NFS, due to no kernel data structure to hang authentication
information off of).

				-  Jim

Jim Gettys
Cambridge Research Laboratory
Compaq Computer Corporation

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