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Re: A suggestion for the woody freeze

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> Then there comes the new upstream version of a base package that
> introduces new bugs.
> Then there comes the new upstream version of a package a frozen package
> depends on and this breaks the frozen package.
> When everything is frozen we don't have bugs caused by new upstream
> versions.

It's not a problem with new upstream versions of base packages.  The existing
software is buggy, and continues to be.

If a new base package has a new upstream, and the maintainer uploads it, then,
at this point in time, I would consider said maintainer in the wrong.

> I can work on getting RC bugs fixed (it wouldn't be the first time I do
> this). But my problem is that I currently don't see the progress in the
> freeze when I do e.g. manage to fix five bugs in base packages. There will
> still be too many open bugs and the freeze is still stalled.

Because other packages are still buggy, and the freeze can't continue until
all are ready.  Is it really that hard to understand?

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