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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

>>"Jim" == Jim Gettys <jg@pa.dec.com> writes:

 Jim> My point is that often, in these large systems, you need both
 Jim> systems in parallel, simultaneously, both for developers and users.

	Fair enough.

 Jim> You can't just say: "we'll only have one version of nautilus installed
 Jim> at once", for example; people, particularly on shared systems will need
 Jim> both versions available simultaneously.

	We can do that, I guess, without resorting to /opt

 Jim> And I think Debian owes the KDE packaging folks some guidance on
 Jim> if not /opt, then where....

	KDE folks do not have to follow Debian policy, so they can go
 right ahead and put things into /opt.

	We have access to mechanisms that the KDE folks do not. (I am
 talking about the alternatives stuff, the whole emacsen mechanism,
 perl policy). We'll come up with a way to handle this. The KDE folks
 have to come to terms with their own issues (unless they default to
 using Debgian as the preferred OS, which we'll welcome with open

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