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Almost solved... was Re: Still having upgrade problems with xserver-svga

OK, I found my almost final problem solution in the xfree86-common FAQ.
When you get the "can't find 'fixed' fonts" error, it is most likely to be
a missing xfonts-base package, which is what my problem was.

Now, when I start wdm, I get the standard wdm login screen, but I can't
log in, it blinks and then returns to the login screen.

Looking at wdm.log says:

wdmLogin error: could not open domain file /root/GNUstep/Defaults/wdmLogin...
wdmLogin error: could not open domain file /root/GNUstep/Defaults/WMGLOBAL...

So, I looked into the Contents file and find usr/X11R6/bin/wdmLogin as
well as etc/GNUstep/Defaults/WMGLOBAL. Now wdmLogin is owned by wdm, but
WMGLOBAL is owned by wmaker.

Since I'm trying to log in as dwarf, not root, I don't understand why wdm
is looking for these files in /root for one, and why they aren't looked
for in their delivered locations.

Reading the manpage for wdmLogin suggests that the first error is truely
bogus, as I _do_ see the wdm login screen, and the manpage says that wdm
is responsible for starting this login panel.

In any case, moving these files into the paths declared in the error
messages doesn't change the error message. (and they both have read
permission for everyone)

So, I'm in my normal state, broken, confused, an disapointed ;-)

Can someone lead me out of this maze of twisty turny passages?


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