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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

Hi Federico!

You wrote:

> my oppinion here is that is *much better* to ignore /opt and reserve it
> for _third_party_ packaged applications (i.e., if FooSoft packages the
> Bar application using .deb format, would be nice to have it install in
> /opt/bar and not pollute /usr namespace [reserved for the OS vendor,
> i.e., Debian]).

I totally agree with you. I propose we change debian policy to explictly
forbid putting anything in /opt.

Something like:

10.1.3. Third party software

Although the FHS allows distributions to install software in '/opt', in
Debian this directory is reserved for third-party software. Packages
must not place any files or directories in '/opt/', either by putting
them in the file system archive to be unpacked by `dpkg' or by
manipulating them in their maintainer scripts.  This implies that a
package must not rely on the presence or absence of files or directories
in `/opt' for normal operation.

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