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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

Il gio, 2002-01-17 alle 15:21, Daniel Stone ha scritto:
> You might note the discussion on debian-kde of late, where Eray is
> attempting to set a precedent by installing KDE3 into /opt/kde3. Let me
> first disclose my viewpoint: I think this idea sucks, as you can clearly
> see from my postings.
> My main concern is that we'll set a precedent here in Debian for this
> sort of behaviour. AFAIK no Debian package has ever touched /opt; in
> fact I'm pretty sure it doesn't even exist on a default install.

1. debian follows FHS as strictly as possible

2. FHS says that:

  3.8  /opt : Add-on application software packages
  /opt is reserved for the installation of add-on application software 
  Distributions may install software in /opt, but should not modify or
  delete software installed by the local system administrator without
  the assent of the local system administrator.

my oppinion here is that is *much better* to ignore /opt and reserve it
for _third_party_ packaged applications (i.e., if FooSoft packages the
Bar application using .deb format, would be nice to have it install in
/opt/bar and not pollute /usr namespace [reserved for the OS vendor,
i.e., Debian]).

debian developers should stay away from /opt.


Federico Di Gregorio
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