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Re: A suggestion for the woody freeze

On 01/17/2002 08:39:18 AM Francesco Paolo Lovergine wrote:

>> My personal opinion is that all we need more NMU and BS parties.

I disagree.  There are already too many psycho maintainers whom post rants
to -devel, that generally contain vague threats of punishment if you dare
to NMU one of their buggy packages.  With current policies, etc, more NMUs
will cause more annoying rants, hurt feelings, generally the negative stuff
will outweigh the positive stuff.

Because of those events, I will not do NMUs, not to anyones packages, not
at any time.  I think other developers have similar beliefs for similar
reasons.  I don't need any more enemies, so why bother with the "dangerous"
task of NMUing.  I must publically compliment the people whom do NMUs as

What I think we need, is a policy change that dramatically loosens the
rules about NMUs, to encourage more of them.

Is it really "free software" if one developer arbitrarily prevents another
developer from applying a simple patch?  I think not.

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