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A suggestion for the woody freeze


first of all I want to say that my previous mails and this mails aren't
intended to be against anyone personally. It's just my personal feeling
that nearly two years of work for Debian don't show any result in a new
stable release and it doesn't look to me as if there will be a release in
the near future and this is quite frustrating and I'm currently
considering to quit from Debian because I've spent much work and there
doesn't seem to be a result (e.g. at the place where I'm working we use
the stable Debian distribution and I've already spent much time in
recompiling some specific packages where newer versions were needed - this
won't be needed if our stable release wasn't so ancient). As a result of
both the public and private answers to my "Will woody ever become stable?"
mail [1] I see that there are several other developers that are also
frustrated because there's no progress in getting woody released.

A good month ago I sent a mail to our release manager [2] where I
suggested about my thoughts of how to organize a freeze. He replied that
the right time for such proposals would be after the release of woody.
That was no problem for me. He has his thoughts about how to organize a
freeze and I have my own. He is the release manager.

If there was progress in the woody freeze there would be no problem: I
would perhaps consider the way the freeze works sub-optimal but the most
important thing is to get woody released.

Everyone agrees that there's no progress in the woody freeze - and even
the discussions after my "Will woody ever become stable?" mail [1]
resulted in a few bugs fixed but the overall number of RC bugs is
unchanged and there's still no progress in the freeze.

I suggest the procedure below to get progress.

Don't misunderstand me:
The important thing isn't that the freeze works in the way I want it to
happen - it's simply the way I suggest to get some visible progress
towards Debian 3.0.

Every better solution is welcome.

If there's no consensus on this issue I'll ask the Project Leader and/or
the Technical Committee (I'm not sure who's responsible) for a decision.

My proposal is as follows:

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We use the system of my proposal for release cycles [2] with fixed two
weeks cycles directly following each other.
All packages will be frozen at the same time.


Jan 25.-27. bug squashing party in preparation of the freeze

Feb 1.     freeze; start of the first bug squashing cycle
           every upload to frozen must be approved by the release manager

Feb 15.    start of the second bug squashing cycle

Mar 1.     start of the third bug squashing cycle;
           only fixes for RC bugs are allowed after this date

June       estimated release date for 3.0r0

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[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2002/debian-devel-200201/msg00961.html
[2] http://www.fs.tum.de/~bunk/Debian/freeze

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