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Re: pcmcia-modules in woody

> also sprach Lauri Tischler <lauri.tischler@efore.fi> [2002.01.15.1240 > +0100]:
> > pcmcia-modules for kernels 2.19 and 2.20 dont exist.
> > Whats up duck ?
>            ^^^^
> are you talking to me?
> pcmcia-modules have, AFAIK, been discontinued. these days, you have to
> get pcmcia-source and kernel-source, and compile them yourself. it's

What if I want a small system without compilers / sources? Laptops with limited harddisk space come to mind. I don't see the point. kernel-source alone is more than 20megs!

At least for the final release (or RCs) binary modules should be built.


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