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Re: Will woody ever become stable?

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 11:00:38AM +0000, Jules Bean wrote:
> I would like to see weekly 'freeze update' reports, sent here, telling
> us what goals have been passed, and what the current stopping points
> are. Something like the following:

Well, the goal that was meant to have passed was "no outstanding RC bugs
in base", but with things like #126441 (outstanding glibc security bug
for around a month, along with some other unfiled RC issues that've
been around longer), and #123345 (security bug in base-passwd, that
seems to have a patch now), we've pretty much regressed back to the
"we're not remotely ready to release" stage. And if we can't manage
to fix security issues in required packages promptly, especially when
patches are available, I don't see much point worrying about all the
other things that need doing.

We have an RC bug list that gets regularly posted to -devel-announce,
and we have base.debian.net and standard.debian.net listing the bugs in
the most important packages.

> Or something like that.  Is the above even a correct depiction? I
> don't know... 

The correct depiction is "fix RC bugs promptly, and other bugs as soon
as you can".

> Herd us harder! ;-)

Unfortunately I'm excuriatingly busy with other things [0] until
mid-February, so I just don't have time to pester three or four
dozen people personally on a daily basis to get the release out. That
*shouldn't* be necessary; just getting rid of the RC bugs that everyone
should already be feeling guilty about would get us right back on track;
but it appears that it is.


[0] http://linux.conf.au/ amongst other things

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