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Will woody ever become stable?


I had a longer discussion with our release manager who said in this
discussion that there's no progress in the freeze of woody. We won't enter
the next stage of the freeze until the base and standard packages are in a
releasable state - and the number of RC bugs in these packages is
increasing (one reason is e.g. that some of these packages like
boot-floppies break when new upstream versions of other packages they
depend on are uploaded which may lead to RC bugs like #127405). woody is
officially frozen for several months but it's still possible for new
upstream versions of every package to enter testing.

My personal motivation goes down to zero because I did try to get my own
packages in a releasable state when the freeze was announced the first
time at about one year ago and I participated in several bug squashing
parties and I did go through RC bug lists at other times to help to get
woody released only to see that the freeze stalled soon later. It seems
noone really cares to get woody released. What am I doing all my work for
Debian for when woody will never become stable?


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