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Re: Build dependencies, libs and buildd

On Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 04:05:02PM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> > binary of the newest package of each build dep available in unstable 
> > before building the package. If that is not the case I would have to 
> > depend on at least the library version installed on my system it seems.
> If the buildd for $arch only has 0.9.9 built (maybe 1.0.0 failed to
> build), then you have a problem.
> The only way to control proper build-deps is to specify them. If your
> package requires features in a newer version of a library, well you have
> to build-depend on it. That's the whole reason for having them there.

That's obvious. What I fear could happen is that

a) autobuilder takes my package (which works with older libgtkhtml)
   and builds a binary
b) the new libgtkhtml hits the autobuilder
c) the resulting library is installed and the old one used by my 
   package is removed so that is it uninstallable

IOW: My package works which whatever is the available version of that
package. But should I always add 
libfoo-dev (>= `dpkg -s libfoo-dev|awk /^Ver/ {print $2}`)
to my build dependencies? Of should libfoo-dev suffice under normal


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