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OpenPKG vs. APT

Hi fellows,

today I heard about OpenPGK[1] and read its feature list. Unfortunately
OpenPKG describes itself as "...the world of cross-platform RPM-based Unix
software packaging". It is RPM based but cross-platform. It came to my
mind that having a distributed APT would be a great help to administrators
managing big networks of Debian/GNU Linux machines (just as I do).
OpenPKG would solve this problem but as said is RPM based.

Features I would like to have in APT or a wrapper around it:
- Package installation, upgrade, deinstallation over the net[2]
- dpkg-database/apt-cache queries over the net[3]
- central debconf database to allow central administration like
  cfengine does.[4]

Is this functionality that would be interesting for more people?
Is anything like that in planning or even development?

I would be willing to implement something like that.

Regards, Joerg

[1] http://www.openpgk.org
[2] think of 'apt-get --host webserver.my.org install apache'
    or security updates to be done on numerous machines
[3] imagine 'apt-cache show apache' with output:
    Package: apache
    Priority: optional
    Section: web
    Hosts: webserver.my.org (1.3.22-5), intranet.my.org (1.3.19-3)
[4] Think of an SSHd installed suid which you want to reconf to not
    to be suid anymore. The ssh package provides a debconf interface
    for that. Having over 50 machines running the sshd you simply
    could 'dpkg-reconfigure --all-hosts ssh' and change the config
    for every machine running ssh.

Joerg "joergland" Wendland
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