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Re: problem with debconf and start-stop-daemon

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Michael Meskes wrote:
> In quota.postinst rpc.quotad is started using start-stop-daemon. This works

Don't, please. This will be forbidden in the future (right now this is ok),
you should use the /etc/init.d interface. If you need extra functionality,
you should request the maintainer of the package with the /etc/init.d
script to add it, and use that.

> as longs as I know the package. Now it doesn't anymore. That is the daemon
> is correctly started but quota.postinst does not return anymore. It remains
> defunc until I kill rpc.rquotad. As soon as I comment out the line
> . /usr/share/debconf/confmodule
> all works well again.

Ah, it looks like you need to have a db_stop BEFORE you call
start-stop-daemon or the initscript. Looks like the daemon is dumb and does
not close all open descriptors, creates a new session id, etc...

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