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Re: Do not link GNOME apps with libpng3

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 03:09:08PM +0100, Christian Marillat wrote:
> reassign 128377 gdk-imlib1
> thanks
> > Now, the question is: should GNOME move to libpng3, and how?  The QT/KDE
> > folks have sidestepped the problem by declaring that libqt2 is
> > remaining linked against libpng2, while libqt3 links with libpng3.  I
> > don't see why we shouldn't adopt the same approach: leave imlib1
> > linked with libpng2 and let imlib's successor libraries link against
> > libpng3.  Comments?
> I disagree completely. We should *always* compile all packages against
> the latest library version and not downgrade the builg dependency to an
> old library. We have did the same change to move to libdb3.
> I really want to know why recompiling gdk-imlib1 is too hard ?

It would change imlib's interface in an incompatible way, and therefore
require imlib's soname to be changed.

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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