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Re: linux.conf.au and Debian conference

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, James Bromberger wrote:
[at debian-private - but of course it can be also discussed open and so
 I move here ...]

> On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 10:35:47AM +0100, Tille, Andreas wrote:
> > there were some rumors that there would be the Debian Conference 2
> > connected to
> >
> >      http://www.linux.org.au/conf
> >
> > I did not found any hint on the pages and parsing for Debian only
> > brought up only:
> >
> >   Bdale Garbee
> >     Bdale sacrificed many of the letters from his first name to join
> us
> >     at the conference. He'll be talking about porting Debian GNU/Linux
> >     to PA/RISC and ia64.
> Hey Andreas,
> Its very very small. We have a few speakers: the details of which
> Anthony
> is about to put up on the web site. I have the following people talking:
> 	Jason Andrade - Australian Debian mirror maintainer
> 	Bdale Garbee - porting Debian
> 	Russel Coker - portslave
> 	Anthony Towns - Woody
> 	Brendan O'Dea - Perl and apt with perl
> I'll take anyone else who wants to talk as well. Its two days before the
> LCA (Linux.conf.au) conference (Mon 4, Tue 5 Feb). For the time we don't
> have speakers, we'll be down the pub or working on stuff. I arrive in
> Brisbane on the Saturday around lunchtime. I'm staying at Emmanuel
> College at the University in a flat.
I have thought about speaking about my plans for Debian-Med.  The problem
is that there seem to be no medical related topics at LCA
and so I'm not able to find a sponsor for the trip down under :-(.

> I'm going to start pushing the publicity barrel around when the web
> site is updated any moment now.
That's fine.

> This is never suppose dto be Debian Conference 2. This is merely a
> random collection of people from the region; I am thus calling it
> a "mini-conference"; there is no set organisation apart from a place,
> date, and a list of people to talk.
Understood.  Perhaps some trouble with my mind ...

> Anyone who is in the region; come on down and share a beer:
> 	www.linux.conf.au/debaincon.html
I'm afraid we have to share a virtual beer.  Is there any apt-get able
beer ;-) ?

>   James
> [PS: my comments may be repubished outside of -private; Andreas' are
> his property and I can't speak for him/his]

Kind regards


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