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Re: LVM + XFS/Ext3 (Was no space left on device: LVM, Gnus --> dpkg, apt-get ?)

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Tille <Tille> writes:

    Andreas> On 4 Jan 2002, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
    >> I'm using LVM and XFS filesystems on my computer at home.  This
    >> morning, after I pushed "g" from the Gnus *Group* buffer (to get new
    >> mail), it stopped part way through with an error message.  Gnus
    >> prompted me in the XEmacs minibuffer saying "no space left on device:
    >> Continue (yes, no)?".  My 10g "/home" logical volume had filled up.
    >> I opened a root console, used "lvextend" to add a few spare gigs to
    >> my "/home" LV, then ran "xfs_growfs" to grow it's filesystem into the
    >> new space.

 I have not tried yet, but am planning to experiment and see if it is
 possible to *shrink* an XFS filesystem.  In the case where I have one
 LV that's larger than it needed to be, I'd like to be able to shrink
 the filesystem then shrink the LV.  Anyone know if that is possible?
 If it's not, it should be!

    Andreas> I just installed my new 80GB disk using LVM.  I found out
    Andreas> that it is not possible to include even /boot and /
    Andreas> partition into LVM if you want to use grub, but this is
    Andreas> no real problem (even if it would be nice).

 Right.  I went with:

 part1 500m      Linux  /  (XFS)
 part2 1024m     Swap
 part3 the rest  LVM    /usr               (XFS)

    Andreas> I decided to use ext3 file systems in the LVM partitions
    Andreas> and I wonder if there is something like xfs_growfs for
    Andreas> ext[23].  Not that I would need it currently but just in
    Andreas> case it is better to know now and to switch to XFS at
    Andreas> this moment than later if it is not possible.

 I recently read "Linux File Systems", by Moshe Bar (author of Linux
 Internals), Osbourne McGraw Hill, ISBN-0-07-212955-7.  I also read
 "Journal File Systems", Linux Gazette #55,
 <URL:http://www.linuxgazette.com/issue55/florido.html>, and some of
 the whitepapers I found at <URL:http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/>.

 I am very convinced that XFS is the *best* filesystem for Linux.  It
 is way better than ext3fs for many reasons.  From what I gather, it
 is also superiour to IBM's JFS, and certainly superiour to Reiserfs.

 I've had no trouble with it so far.  I've been told that it is
 incompatible with LILO; that it starts the filesystem at offset 0
 rather than offset 512 like other filesystems?  I have not confirmed
 this yet.  Anyone know?  It works great with GRUB.

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