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Re: maintainer for cervisia is MIA

On 6 Jan 2002, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> The same is the situation for pingus.  I tried to email the maintainer
> 2001-12-23, no reply yet.  No changes in > 260 days.  Last upload was
> NMU.  I've tried to email the one doing NMU after a bug squashing
> party in April 2001.  Not sure what more I can do.
I did some research into Pingus.  The latest version seems to be dependend
from a newer version of ClanLib than the one in Debian.
I had some private discussion with the ClanLib-Maintainer
(Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@debian.org>) and we've got some
preliminary ClanLib packages ready.  He has an apt-get - able archive
I did some further cleaning at these packages which lead to
which also includes Debian packages of Trophy linked against these
new ClanLib packages. (Remark: It doesn't matter which ClanLib versions
you use to compile other games against.  There are just Lintian and
packaging issues.  Filip, did you had a look at my packages???)
I also have packaging stuff for ClanLib 0.5.2 from CVS at my local harddisk,
if someone is interested.

The problem is that I did not found any Pingus version (nor tar archive
or CVS) which worked with either of those ClanLib packages.  If you are
more luckily I would really appreciate this.  The same is valid for
the other car racing game named Race (http://race.sourceforge.net/).

We should try to get all those games compiling with 0.5.2 and let them
stabilize with this version (at least CVS of all three Games - Pingus,
Trophy and Race seem to use this).  Someone should check ClanBomber and
perhaps others.

Filip is waiting for some response about that and he intents to make
ClanLib 0.5.2 official packages.

(If you ask me regarding to the Pingus-problem: NMU if you get a working
 new version!)

Kind regards


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