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Re: Some thoughts about problems within Debian

On Fri, 2002-01-04 at 19:08, Rick Younie wrote:
> Great post.  I hope you do find your place to start and don't get
> discouraged and move on to something else.

Of all the posts on this thread... Let's just say there are ways to get
people involved and ways to get people to go away. This belongs to the
former category.

> I too feel there are many trying to find a way to contribute.  I
> don't think there's any shortcut.  You have to find something
> bite-sized that interests you -- be it boot-floppies, translation,
> porting.. -- find the appropriate list and look for a place to
> help.

I appreciate the frank attitude. I guess finding the right place to
start is often more of a coincidence and random trying than a conscious
decision. Maybe the best instruction to people wanting to help is "pick
a random integer and call it $bug. Go to http://bugs.debian.org/$bug and
see if you found something you can help with. If so, do it. If
neccessary, educate yourself by reading documentation. Repeat."

> The internal structure you talk about...well, there isn't any.
> It's all little bits that fit together pretty well, mostly.

I guess it all becomes clear at some point. I still maintain that it
could be presented in a more understandable way, however.


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