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Re: postfix/postfix-tls vs. smtpd bug

also sprach Mark Brown <broonie@sirena.org.uk> [2002.01.07.1859 +0100]:
> That would be completely inconsistent with all other Postfix
> installations out there and rather non-obvious when you try and look it
> up in the common case where only Postfix is installed.

[also answering dominik's post]

okay, but how then would you do it? a new section like 8postfix or so
would be almost too progressive, and i am not sure if mandb can just
handle that...

> > i'll file a bug... and should this bug go against postfix only, or also
> > postfix-tls? as i understand, postfix-tls is sort of an offspring of
> > postfix and thus should be fixed automagically the next time the
> > maintainer apt-gets source postfix, applies the patch, and
> > dpkg-buildpackages...
> Well, I guess a bug against postfix-tls might prompt a more rapid
> update.

it's been fixed, according to lamont, in the unstable package. maybe
he'll post how he did it, if not, i will as soon as i got an answer from

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