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Re: postfix/postfix-tls vs. smtpd bug

also sprach Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> [2002.01.07.1705 +0100]:
> smtpd in postfix is a private executable, so it has far less precedence than
> the one in smtpd. On the other hand, the postfix manpages are crucial to
> figure out what the hell a config option really does, so they are needed.

yeah, my thinking too...

> I would suggest all postfix private executable manpages to be moved from
> section 8 to section 8postfix or something like that, if man-db will not
> mind the change in the filename from .8 to .8postfix...

i don't know about another section... why not simply prefix all postfix
manpages with postfix-, so this one would be postfix-smtpd.8.gz


i'll file a bug... and should this bug go against postfix only, or also
postfix-tls? as i understand, postfix-tls is sort of an offspring of
postfix and thus should be fixed automagically the next time the
maintainer apt-gets source postfix, applies the patch, and

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