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Re: Appropriate? mutt/mailx requires mail-transport-agent

> I'm working on a diskless workstation configuration where I don't want
> mailers running on each machine, though users may have access to the
> mail spool through nfs.  Is it appropriate for apt-get to coerce exim
> to be installed when I only need a reader?  Is this a problem about
> finding the smtp agent?

If you really do not need an smtp agent (note that you might want to get
errors mailed to the admin etc.) - just use equiv to create a dummy
package providing mail-transport-agent.
It's good to enforce such things for most people; if someone really
knows that he doesn't need any mailer (there are very small smtp daemons
available!) - he'll find out how to "fake" this dependency.
See "equiv" package; note that you don't need to install equiv on the
client, but just use equiv to create a custom dummy package, and install
that empty dummy instead of exim.


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