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Re: [ccheney@cheney.cx: libqt2 libpng2 resolution]

Chris Cheney <ccheney@cheney.cx> writes:

> I forgot to cc debian-devel on this:
> I think that the best solution to the problem would be for me to upload a
> new version of libqt2 2.3.1 compiled against libpng2.  Due to the potential
> problems with upgrading from stable (potato) to the future new stable
> (woody). I will do this tomorrow morning. After I upload the new version of
> libqt2 packages will probably need to depend on that version and
> libpng2-dev and be rebuilt, at least for the current ones that are built
> against libpng3.
> I hope that eventually this sort of problem will not be an issue due to
> symbols being overridden. Is there some way to fix this from being an
> issue in the future?  This is very big and annoying problem that probably
> affects other packages, even more than just libqt/imlib.
> If anyone has any further comments please feel free to let me know. Please
> direct all flames to Overfiend ;)

Sounds good to fix all the current problems... however how are we
going to handle the libpng2 -> libpng3 conversion ? Your solution just
seems to postpone the problem.

Libpng2/3 maintainer.

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