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RE: Bug#128077: Please mention native source packages in maint-gu ide

> A Debian native source package is one which has no .diff.gz, because the
> Debian source code and the upstream source code are the same thing.  This
> means that the source tarball contains a debian/ directory with the
> necessary packaging infrastructure.  This configuration is used for
> packages
> such as dpkg and apt which are developed specifically for Debian.

Thanks for the explanation. Well, ICU is definitely not developed
specifically for Debian, but since I am one of the upstream developers, I
found it convenient to have the debian/ directory in it, not just for me but
for anybody who would want to grab ICU from the CVS and build a .deb for it.

So I guess that as long as the explanation in maint-guide says that a native
Debian package is a package that builds with no modifications, not just a
package developed specifically for Debian, it will be clear for everybody.


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