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Re: Quake 2 sources GPL'd

On Sat, 22 Dec 2001, Branden Robinson wrote:

> In fact, I would consider it acceptable in general to move everything in
> contrib to main as long as it each package was forced to be priority
> extra until it was suitable for general-purpose use as packaged in main
> (including any dependencies, of course).

If I understand it correctly you suggest to move e.g. the package below to
main? I always thought that the reason for contrib was to make a place for
free software that needs non-free software/data/... to run. If we move
these packages to main this would mean to put software to main that is
either not installable or that doesn't run without installing additional
software/data/... The priority extra doesn't help that e.g. a user who
wants to use only software from main will see the fact that some of the
packages he tries to choose e.g. in dselect aren't installable. That's
something I consider worse for our users than the current state with a
contrib section for exactly these packages.

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Priority: optional
Section: contrib/web
Installed-Size: 28
Maintainer: Ryan Murray <rmurray@debian.org>
Architecture: i386
Source: netscape4.base
Version: 1:4.77-2
Depends: navigator-smotif-477,netscape-java-477,netscape-base-4
Description: Meta package that depends on other packages
 This package depends on the real netscape packages, so as to
 make things easier for people to install.
meta-package: yes

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