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Re: find eating all memory

On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 06:45:53PM -0600, Bryan Andersen wrote:
> > > on a simple 'find /var -name sendmail* -print' command, the find-process
> > > eats all my memory (128 Meg RAM)
> > > when there is no memory left, the process gets killed.

Some information about the output (or lack thereof) might be usefuli.
(In a bug report to findutils, of course.)

> > > I work with debian woody with recent update, reiserfs, 128 meg RAM & 256
> > > meg SWAP on my P3 733 system.
> Check the file system for symbolic link loops.

By default, find doesn't follow links.  When forced to (-follow), it
keeps track of inodes and doesn't enter the same directory twice.

Glenn Maynard

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