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Re: [Evms-devel] EVMS: shared libraries with unversioned sonames

On Tuesday 01 January 2002 14:39, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > Because new plugins are still being written for the engine, we set up the
> > Makefile to remove 'configure' on a 'make distclean'. This forces you to
> > run 'autoconf' to regenerate 'configure' in the event new plugin or
> > user-interface subdirectories were added to the engine. I suppose in the
> > future, before releasing a package I should modify the Makefile to not
> > delete 'configure' on 'make distclean', since the end-user will have no
> > need for this functionality.
> Is the idea to get the latest aclocal.m4, which has the latest list of
> plugin subdirectories?  If so, another method would be to have a Makefile
> rule for building configure which depends on aclocal.m4, something like:
> configure: configure.in aclocal.m4
> 	autoconf
> (this is what automake does by default)

I just noticed an interesting quirk with this method. If I do a "make 
distclean" (after taking out the "rm configure", so it is no longer deleted), 
and then try to run "make configure", it fails because Makefile tries to 
include make.rules, which is deleted by "make distclean". So you would have 
to remember to run "make configure" before running "make distclean" in order 
to pick up the aclocal.m4 changes. Or just revert to running "autoconf".

Or is there another way? I'm not very familiar with automake, so I could be 
totally out-of-whack here.


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