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Re: [Evms-devel] EVMS: shared libraries with unversioned sonames

Previously Kevin Corry wrote:
> Could the "ldconfig" call be added to the top-level Makefile "install"
> target?

No, since you might not be installing on a real system but a temporary
location to build a package or for some other reason. Also if you
are not running as root but with fakeroot ldconfig will fail.

> I've applied your Makefiles patch, and everything seems to work fine. Only 
> one other question: In the top-level make.rules, we have some #defines that 
> are based on configuration options (notably PluginDirectory). This is set so 
> the core engine will know which directory to look in to find the plugin 
> libraries. Does the DESTDIR construct affect this define?

No, it should not. DESTDIR is only used when installing files on the
filesystem to put them in a different location. This can be a temporary
location when building a package, or a chroot environment, but not
something you will see when running the application.


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