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Re: VIM features

On Tue, Jan 01, 2002 at 01:54:15PM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
| Hello,
| I would like to see more user feedback on Debian's settings of the
| VIM editor. Currently, two important features are disabled in the
| default configurations: Syntax highlighting and special intending
| schemes. The question is: why?

I think you'll have to ask the package maintainer about that.

| Some (influent) people want to make VIM behave as the "normal" vi.
| But does this make sense?

It does, depending on the environment.  If many users of a system have
used "normal" vi for a long time, and you want to convince them to
install vim instead, it better behave the way they expect.  You can,
of course, configure it as you like while the other users stick with
the traditional behavior.

| VIM is either installed as the "default"
| vi, nor does it have more priority in the "alternatives" entry.
| Additionaly, many packages suggest nvi, so it is often installed as the
| first vi editor and people often do not come in touch with vim.

In this environment perhaps it doesn't make sense to default to
compatibility settings.
| NOTE: this is not a start of a new holy war. I do not ask for giving
| vim's alternatives-entry a higher priority or so. I just want to use all
| VIM's features when I initially install it, without looking into my
| big config to enable intending or editing the vimrc file to enable
| highlighting.

My .vimrc is big enough already with autocommands for various
filetypes and the like.  I move it around with me to whichever systems
I use, so for me it is not a big deal.



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