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Re: Bug#127252: -unstable compiled against the wrong libpng

On Tue, Jan 01, 2002 at 06:50:03PM +0900, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Jan 2002 19:39:07 +1100 Mark Purcell <msp@debian.org> wrote:
> > The solution is rather simple, requiring recompilation to
> > get the correct linkage to libpng3, but it would of been nice to
> > see some dicussion on debian-devel before the upload of
> > libpng3 to unstable 'broke' all our pacakges.
> Do you call that solution pretty simple?

Well it is simple once you know about it.  I have two complaints as
a maintainer of a couple of libpng dependant packages.

1.	Why hasn't there been any discussion on debian-devel to actually 
let maintainers know that there is this major backwards incompatibility issue, 
which is going to create all sorts of user problems.  The only reports I 
have seen sofar are Bug#126808 and Bug#126904.  Have a look in debian-kde 
'where have my icons gone threads' to guage the amount of confusion this 
issue is causing.

2.	What measures are in place to prevent such a monster change
as caused by the uncontrolled introduction of libpng3??

This is a big issue, I'm stll suprised there has been zero discussion
about this and the implications for developers of libpng dependant packages.

> We have around 300+ packages depending on libpng2, 
> which amounts to more than 1000 rebuilds.
> And we don't have the incompatibility information in
> our dependency system, which means that it will fail to trickle 
> into "testing".

The incompatibility as I see it from here is that any application
which depends on libpng2, is only good with libpng2 <= 1.0.12-2 and
upon recompiling will be dependant on libpng3.

libqt 2.3.1-18 has been recompiled and now depends on libpng3, but almost every
other package needs to be recompiled as well :-(

I understand that Philippe Troin, libpng maintainer, is currently on
vacation.  Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about the libpng issues 
could comment as this is only what I have been able to gather from the 
outside looking in.


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