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Re: flavours and modules: /lib confusion

also sprach Guy Geens <ggeens@iname.com> [2001.12.28.1648 +0100]:
> This was a bug in kernel-package, but it should be fixed now.
> (kernel-package 7.75)

okay, i got 7.76 yesterday because of the failure to build
kernel-source. nevertheless, it isn't fixed:


piper% dpkg -l kernel-package | grep ii
ii  kernel-package 7.76  Debian Linux kernel package build scripts.

piper% dpkg --contents \      ## for instance: coda.o
  kernel-image-2.4.17+cigar_20011228.0519_i386.deb | grep coda\.o

piper% dpkg --contents \
kernel-image-2.4.17+cigar_20011228.0519_i386.deb | grep "+cigar"

piper% dpkg --contents \      ## for instance: airo.o
  pcmcia-modules-2.4.17+cigar_3.1.29-4+20011228.0519_i386.deb | \
  grep airo\.o

per% dpkg --contents \
  pcmcia-modules-2.4.17+cigar_3.1.29-4+20011228.0519_i386.deb | \
  grep "2.4.17\/"

as you can see, pcmcia-cs still saves to `uname -r`+${flavour}, while
kernel-image only saves to `uname -r`...

should i file a bug?

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