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> > The EVMS Project uses a layered, plug-in model to provide unparalleled
> > flexibility and extensibility in managing storage. This allows for easy
> > expansion or customization of various levels of volume management.
> > 
> > Think of it as LVM done right.
> I heard about this at Linux Kongress and am interested in it...if there is a
> release available that is suitable for packaging, I will package it.


The most recent release for EVMS is on our website: 
The current release is 0.2.4. Our beta release (0.9.0) should be coming out 
mid-January. Right now, the releases are available as source tarballs and 
RPMs, and we'd love to have a debian package as well in the future. If you 
are interested in creating a debian package for EVMS, feel free to let me 
know if you have any questions about how EVMS works or how to get it 
installed and running.

Kevin Corry

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