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Re: An alarming trend (no it's not flaimbait.)

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, Brian Wolfe wrote:

> > Where upstream is inactive or unresponsive things are a little
> > different, of course.
> 	Yup, this is the situation that I was attempting to describe, when
> upstream seems to be ignoring the package, debian can then take on some of the
> smaller patches that fix functionality that is broken (such as the grafting
> ability. pretty important in making iso images IMHO>) If the maintainer had
> a way of keeping track of small patches via some method(cvs maybe?) then they
> could peel them back off once the offical patch made it's way back to them
> from upstream months (years even? *shudder*) later.

dbs(doogie build system, debian build system)

See autofs, apache, x(contains a pre-alpha version of dbs).

Do NOT see glibc, gcc.  Those use dpatch, which was around before dbs.  Dbs
has a larger following(but well  under 100 packages use it).

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