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apt-move & debootstrap

Hello debian,

   We are using boot-floppies_3.0.18 to newly install debian on the
new computer of my son.  To not have to download through my slow cable
connection, I have used apt-move om my own computer to convert the
very big /var/cache/apt/archive to a local mirror structure.

Now dbootstrap starts with getting /mirrors/debian/dists/sid/Release,
and this file is not there.....

I have been searching all apt-* tools, some of the mailing lists and
documentation but nowhere is this file mentioned.  I see the real
archives do have this file as well as Release files in all leaf directories.

Please, can you point me somewhere I can find out how to get these
Release files created.

----------------------------------------------------------------  -o)
Matthijs Melchior                                       Maarssen  /\\
mmelchior@xs4all.nl          +31 346 570616          Netherlands _\_v
---------------------------------------------------------------- ----

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