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New alpha package of slash-2.2.0 available


I'm currently packaging slash-2.2.0 the weblog code that run Slashdot.

Since our current stable version is 2.2, I build the package for

I made the files available at


Since this package depends on a lot of perl libraries that aren't
currently available for potato, I packaged them too. Since their main
purpose is to be used with slash, I haven't given them all whistle and
bells you might expect from official Debian packages. My main goal
was: providing the libraries and installing cleanly, hence the
occasional lack of Description: field for example. If you have time to
spend on this, please send patches.

All these additional libraries are apt-gettable, you need in your
/etc/apt/sources.list, the following line:

deb http://debian.org/~ericvb/slash potato main

And to install slash+deps:

#apt-get install slash

Some remarks about the upstream slash code:

- it was meant to be installed in /usr/local. Although doc says it can
  be installed 'anywhere', it's been quite hard-coded and I spent
  hours tracking down all the paths used. I saw terrific things like :
  /site, /etc/log, /usr/plugins, etc. I corrected what I faced. There
  certainly are still inconsistencies.
- the Makefile isn't nice either. I did my best to get it working but
  probably didn't do it the most elegant way.

AFAIC, the .deb still lacks a decent postinst script that
automates the installation of slash files.

In other words, I leave the package here for the sake of open source
and collaborative work. I'll keep working on it and in the meantime,
all efforts, patches and comments are welcomme so that we get a decent
package as soon as possible.


Eric VAN BUGGENHAUT     "Los niños son esponjas"
			(Amaya Rodrigo Sastre)
        \_|_/           Andago
       \/   \/          Av. Santa Engracia, 54
a n d a g o  |--        E-28010 Madrid - tfno:+34(91)2041100
       /\___/\ 		http://www.andago.com
        / | \           "Innovando en Internet"

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