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locale issue with Matlab 6.1 and JVM?

Running matlab 6.1 on current woody give me a JVM error about which
Mathworks gives a report:


They say also:


The Java log file indicates that the virtual machine fails. This, most
likely, indicates that your Linux machine is missing the en_US locale,
which the Blackdown Java VM requires for some character conversion
operations. Typically, this file would be found in
/usr/share/locale/en_US, though it may vary from one glibc install to
Normally, most of the major distributions install this file for you.
However, if you are building your own glibc, please see the comments in
the INSTALL file. In particular, pay attention to the comments on
setting up particular locales and/or installing all locales supported by
glibc. If you are using a major distribution and you experience this
problem, ask the maintainers of that distribution, which package might
contain the en_US locale.


This is a complete non sense for me. I used a LANG=C or LANG=en_US
setup. No results.
JVM is BD 1.1.8 and they add their own copy of jdk1.1 with native threads. 
My current trial is to use woody jdk1.1 instead apparently with again
with no results (but this could be a problem of mine in building a valid
tree for using the local pkg).

Ideas? I do not know if this should be considered a matlab-specific
problem or not...

Francesco P. Lovergine

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